Thursday, October 12, 2006

By the way, I should also link to some other blogs, so these bloggers will not flog me before the fo'sc'le.

ACHENBLOG It calls itself a humor blog.

An explanatory guide to this can be found at Mo's website

Rabid fanhood of the Achenblog can be found at TBG's site.

And for a Yuropean perspective, check out the bigot-fighting Superfrenchie.

For "Amazing Race" fans, sweat your hearts out or finds Fomas with Yellojkt (Don't ask ME.)

Good pointy-sciency blogging here at Bc's playhouse.

Wilbrodog is getting the leash for a flogging, so I think maybe he is indicating he wants his own blog. Only when he learns not to drool on the keyboard.


yellojkt said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Wilbrod. Now we just need to teach you how to use the create link button on the Blogger draft post page so that your blog can be linkier than Joel. Not a very high bar, but we must have benchmarks.

superfrenchie said...

4 posts in a single day! What a start!

Thanks for the link. I've added you to my blogroll as well. I'll come by every now and then. Stop by at anytime.

Cparkian said...

Wilbrodog sent telepathic message to Drusilla the poodle (aka Dru-dle). Ilbrodog expects a blog of his own, called

Dawg Blawg