Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gibbon Island, no Gibbons

Gibbon island at the zoo--a large tower made of stone, with a waterfall, surrounded by green trees beginning to change into fall colors at the edges.
Gibbon island-- for some reason I don't see any gibbons here, but I sure do see a pretty waterfall. For those not in the know, this is at the National Zoo. Their Asia Trail offically opened yesterday, but it was raining all day and, I didn't really want to slog out and take pictures in sog and slush.

Picture of large asphalt walkway showing a vast space, with large scarlet maple turning into fiery red orange colors, surrounded by green trees. Two women can be seen walking down, and a jogger in a white shirt exits the picture on right Thankfully today was a beautiful day, with clear, nearly cloudless blue skies by late afternoon. As you can see, some trees are starting to turn mostly fall colors by now, like this red torch of a maple near Gibbon Island. We covered gobs of zoo today. As for Wilbrodog, he got spooked by a gorilla thumping her chest and banging the glass to get him away from the glass. He decided to bluster a bit-- a woof and a growl, and I took him right out to cool his jets and tell him it is NOT his house and to be quiet and stay away.

I was a bit disappointed that the clouded leopard was difficult to photograph with the netted enclosure. I also realized most of the birds in the birdhouse were difficult to photograph with the striped glass, as well.

I'm going to refer you to Wilbrodog's blog for the low-down. I just know he's not going to mention the gorillas today, though.

Clouded leopard sits with his back to the cage, looking over his shoulder. The spots on the leopard are actually large black-ringed blotches. The head looks rather like a large housecat rather than a lion A toucan extends his beak out from the body so the bird is nearly horizontal in its cradling branch. The beak is tipped with red, streaking back to orange, with blue on the lower bill, and green on the top bill. The feathered head and belly is yellow, with black crest and mantle. The underside of the black tail looks to be red

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