Thursday, October 12, 2006

Humble introductions all around. I and my talking dog routinely inhabit the Achenblog. However, after a few but quite persistent hints from other Achenbloggers that I should take my sparkle and wit somewhere else... Here I am, nailing up some content and trying to straighten out the template to my liking. Pardon the dust and cobwebs in this shabby shack of a weblog.
We do have great dreams for our blog, but dreams are all we can afford right now. I'm unfortunately an unemployed gnome at the moment, having been laid off in one of those pragmatic business decisions where the company is taking a new direction, whereas I'm apparently too short-legged to keep up. Whatever.
Time to network and shop my talents around the area and move out of my cupboard sometime soon, hopefully to a Brave New World where gnomes don't get the raspberry from prospective employers who find that I come short of their expectations in spite of my impressive resume and amazing talent.

BTW, you're welcome to snoop around while we're out, but don't steal the silver or paw the china. And hands off the Cupboard!

--Wilbrod the Gnome


dmd said...

Great start Wilbrod. I wish you luck in your employment search, you have so much to offer and it will be an intelligent employer who recognizes that. If they only see the limitations they are not worthy of you.


Read/Think/Live said...

Wilbrod: Welcome to the blogoverse! In time you will understand the cartoon at the top of Joel's blog in a whole new way. But in the meantime, enjoy. Billions of people can now access your inner thoughts.

Best wishes,


Maureen said...

i STOLE the china! so there! *pthhhh*


Wilbrod The Gnome said...

That's why I try not to air my inner thoughts too much, Karen. Thanks for the best wishes!

Wilbrod The Gnome said...

Mo, you owe me some Panamanian pottery in exchange, then.

Maureen said...

AND i stole the cookies!

double *pthhht*

Cparkian said...

Thanks for opening your comment space.

May all your trolls be little and silent, or in process of reforming.

Anonymous said...

High Wilbrod!
Eye thot eyed just drop buy and leave u with sum werds two ponder. Ha!
Ewe did a grate # on your blog sight!

Tell wilbrodog Pat says "Woof".