Sunday, October 22, 2006

MSN Messenger/ Hotmail Emoticons

I no longer use MSN messenger anymore, but I developed some emoticons since MSN permits the user to import their own emoticon files. I found them challenging due to the very small file size allowed. If it was up to me, I'd make them bigger, more AIM emoticon-size, but ah well.

They are also usable directly in MSN and Hotmail e-mails last time I checked.

Those emoticons are exempt from the usual copyright because I decided so. Feel free to use them if you like them.

When you're feeling blue, use this bear face
Whether from cold, like this polar bear
Or because somebody's an angel in heaven
Or merely shocked into tears
Don't be green with jealousy
It never hurts to hand out a message of love
Or stick out a bearish tongue of humor
Or blush pink with pleasure
Or stick your tongue right out again to wash yourself
As you tell others to "go get them tiger!"

--Wilbrod the Gnome.


Cparkian said...

Darling. But how do I use them? I have a set of emoticons that come hard wired with my blog. How would I import these?

Wilbrod The Gnome said...

You can import them as pictures... just put your mouse over the picture, right-click and use the URL for that specific picture as the import source.

Or you may save pictures to harddrive using right click over the picture, and use however you wish.

Anonymous said...

You made them? Which persona do I credit?

Wilbrod The Gnome said...

Yes I did. If you want to credit me specifically, please credit .