Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nuttin' for Christmas

-- And enjoying it! As a Christmas gift, I gave myself the gift of downsizing so I could relocate up north.

Well, I was worried about having to get rid of some items that weren't so top-quality, but the Salvation Army happily took everything I offered them, even though they did oddly forget a dining table leg and some plastic wrap. I'm phoning them tomorrow to let them know they forgot that.

I'm wondering if my table is going to be in the Salvation army store, standing on three legs if I don't call. That would be an ignoble end to one of the first pieces of furniture I ever purchased completely new-- and kept like new, too.

Now to dump-- uh, bestow various items on grateful family and friends. After all, nothing says deep care and thought like a half-used carton of toilet paper. You can always deck the halls or trees with it, you know.

Hmm, I know somebody who could use some decking.... nah. Forget that. Not worth the hassle and hiring of stepladders.

-- Wilbrod the Gnome.

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Anonymous said...

Wilbrod, up north already? Never got the chance to say a proper goodbye to you and Wilbrodog. wishing you the best throughout the new year.

As you may know, I got my wife a ceiling fan for Christmas. Not the most romantic gift, but it was intended to go in the bedroom if that makes any difference. The romance of it though, is that we worked together to assemble and hang it ourselves. She complained about it all the way, but to make a long story short, everything is ready to go except the juice, which my brother, an EE, is coming over later to do. This involves, like, connecting the black wire to the black wire, white to white and ground to ground. How difficult can that be? I realize that a single person can't do it completely with their eyes closed, and if it gets screwed up it could lead to electricution or the house getting burned down, but then again I always thought that playing with fire was fun.

I'll keep you updated on the success or failure of the project.

I think my wife secretly hopes it fails, I mean, we have a severely limited budget, and I promised her we would have a new kitchen floor by next year...

Happy New Year!