Wednesday, June 20, 2007

O Midsummer!

As benefits a good gnome, I have been trying to master the rudiments of knitting. I just got shown the basic "casting on" stitch around 50 times before I finally realized I kept doing some moves in the opposite direction than I should. Who would have guessed I have knitting dyslexia? Ah well. It's safer to be confused on up and down when knitting than when flying.

I'll eventually learn knitting somehow and then watch those needles smoke... and if I don't, these needles will DEFINITELY go up in smoke.

I was told that in ye old gnomish pioneering days, when sheep were more plentiful than clothes stores, that every gnomelet would be expected to practice knitting for 2 hours an evening until they either poked their eyes out with needles or got that Phygrian cap just right. I guess it was prehistoric Nintendo.

Nowadays they're thinking kids don't know how to go outside anymore-- thanks to the siren song of the computer. Someday we'll MAKE computers be good camping buddies and have tactile interfaces to teach us to knit and start fires, In the meanwhile I say pack those spoiled brats off to camp-- you know, no e-mail, no cell phones, and all.

Until then, I'll keep unhooking myself from cyberlife to enjoy the Great Outdoors with Wilbrodog.

I live in an area with some risk of Lyme disease if you get bit by deer ticks. I've caught 2 crawling up my arm and removed them before they could bite. Just a word of warning, try not to handle ticks directly. Even if lyme disease is not epidemic in your area, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and other tick-borne diseases may exist instead. Vaccines are being worked on for those.

But heck, life isn't meant to be safe-- it's meant to be lived. Just pay attention to any hitchhikers on you and your pets that are NOT carrying towels.

Otherwise, I like this place in summer a lot. Today, at the summer solistice, the sun rises shortly after 5 AM and sets at around 9:30 PM. Now that's what I call a LONG day-- more than 16 hours of sunshine!

And it's time for me to unplug and go and enjoy me this midsummer day. I am not allowed to indulge the gnomish rituals of midsummer, but here are some ideas for celebrating the outdoors.

Don't forget to take your knitting along.

-- Wilbrod the Gnome

BTW, hope you like the updated pic of me to the side. Spiffy for a gnome, eh?

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CeePee said...

I am glad you are knitting.
You may want to buy Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Courage and humor mixed in with advice...and fishing side note, due to husband.