Saturday, August 18, 2007

Reload that magazine for me, please...

I grew up subscribing to science magazines. The idea of reading fiction in magazines was alien to me, except for the usual "ELVIS FATHERED MY 3-HEADED ALIEN BABY!" titles that I inched away from in the supermarkets.

Now, I'm looking to broaden my magazine tastes. Enter the internet-- many magazines have websites with covers, table of contents, and samples of their issues. So I went a-browsing, and I turned up two gems thus far.

One is Image magazine, which advertises itself as "art, faith, and mystery". It's challenging to pigeonhole what it IS. But I found some good stuff in it, such as this poignant essay, "The Fifth Chair" by Mary Swander. Still, I don't always want serious reading.

This poem was a nice change and very hip.

I also found this blog which discusses writing as a form of healing. Very interesting!

To that article, I would add that writers should never forget to take their daily dose of laughter while writing for therapy, as well.