Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From Russia with Gimbels and Awe

Merry Christmas to y'all. I was about ready to let this blog fold as I have so much other writing to do, but I could not resist sharing this amazing video (on Windows Media Player) of a Russian SU-30MK fighter jet.

The pink smoke is to show any vortex formation around the wingtips-- vortexes forming over wings are bad news for flight stability. Pretty, eh? You can see the smoke changes angles, as does the plane ITSELF when flying. This fighter jet has vectored thrust, using nozzles that can change direction of thrust.

This ain't anywhere near my field of expertise, so I wound up knocking at NASA's website on gimbaled thrust, for further info on how you get moveable nozzles. Gimbals are found in gyroscopes and other systems, and have their flaws (especially in the 3-gimbal style).

If you still haven't gotten enough of those bad boys, check out this YouTube video set to Metallica-- at around 0:29 you will get to see a SU-37 waggle its gimbled nozzles before takeoff.


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